1st Choice Taxes & More offers a variety of services vital to running a
successful small business of any industry. And we do it within your budget!
Give us a call for a complimentary one-on-one with Connie so that she may
answer any/all questions you may have!
We’re always here to answer questions and offer sound advice that gives
you the competitive edge.  We provide in-depth analysis that factor in
present status as well as future goals, so you can make fully informed
business decisions.
Confidentiality A-Plus!  Assistance with any type of tax concern.  Electronic
filing.  Fast refunds, 24-48 hrs.
Tax preparation, consultation, assistance with any type of tax concern...
now and for the future.  Connie looks ahead.
a reason to smile...
As a Notory Public, Connie also performs weddings!
So begin your tomorrow with SOUND financial advice from someone you
can trust. Don't wait until you are ready to explode.
Call Connie today and turn worry and defeat into VICTORY! 
Tax Consultant,
Connie Hilton is a graduate of The University of Florida, and Honor graduate of both Daytona Beach Junior College and the H & R Block school of Income Tax. 
Her firm of tax accountants has been authorized IRS E-file providers since 1991.
Member of The National Society of Tax Professionals and America's Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, Connie excels at getting the job done for you in the
fastest and best possible way.
Totally dedicated to her work and your financial well-being, Connie strives to do the best for you that can possibly be done.  No one can do it better... Just ask
her clients.
Her rates are very reasonable, and she is prepared to work with you until any job is done to your satisfaction, saving you many dollars in the process. 
Her advice is worth much more than you pay.
   - Income Tax
   - Personal Finances
   - Small Business
   - Corporation
   - Intangible
   - Tangible
   - Payroll
   - Partnerships
   - Sales Tax
Connie Hilton
Tel. (386) 328-1411
Fax (386) 325-1755
7350 Crill Avenue (Highway 20 W.)
Palatka, Florida   32177
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Roxanne Wilkins has over
twenty years of accounting
experience.  The last eight
of those have been strictly
concerned with tax accounting.
Roxanne is a lovely, friendly
and excellent accountant
who adds a level of expertise
to 1st Choice Taxes and More
that assures they are the best.
Together, the partnership of
Connie and Roxanne cannot
be surpassed.
What’s more, you will even
enjoy meeting them.  They
are simply nice people, ready
to help you in any way the
law allows.
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